AIMS Scholarship Program


Minimum Eligibility Requirements for Graduate Math/STEM Candidates:

  • Admitted to Fresno Pacific University’s Graduate Math or STEM Education Program

  • Completion of BTSA or Induction Program

  • An interest in how collaboration between researchers and practitioners can support playful, imaginative, creative, human-centered, and socially-informed approaches to teaching and learning mathematics and science

Expectations of an AIMS Scholar – over and above the basic program:

  • Continuous enrollment, meeting FPUs criteria for good standing (no academic probation, passing all courses with a B or better, etc.), is required through completion of your program. Withdrawal from FPU for any reason cancels your eligibility. Should you reapply to FPU in the future, you may also reapply for the AIMS Scholar program as well.

  • AIMS will support a maximum of 30 graduate/credential units through this program.

  • Attend a minimum of five of the six AIMS Center Colloquia during every academic year, potentially with required reading expected prior to each event.

  • Willingness to give back to the AIMS Scholars program by providing future Colloquium presentations after graduation.

  • Allow the AIMS Center to use your image and story on their website and on promotional materials (a consent form will be provided upon acceptance into the program).


Before you begin your application please note that the final question on the application will require an essay based on one of three selected articles. You will not be able to leave the application once you begin, so it is recommended that you complete your essay before beginning the application and be prepared simply to copy and paste your response into the application.

Choose one of the following articles and write a response relating the ideas/concepts/findings to your own philosophy of mathematics or STEM education.

Please note that minimum qualifications do not automatically qualify candidate for acceptance into the AIMS Scholars Program, as the applicant pool varies from year to year. Online application and a subsequent interview are required for consideration.