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An Equitable World Through Math and Science Education

We are committed to working across all levels to disrupt inequities in support of a more creative and joyful math and science education for all.


Our Work

We support playful, imaginative, creative, human-centered, and socially-informed approaches to teaching and learning mathematics and science, and policies and practices that are culturally-relevant and transformative for our Central Valley.


CA Early Math Initiative

We are partnering with Fresno County Superintendent of Schools, WestEd, and the CA State Board of Education to improve math and science outcomes for children ages 0 - 8 across the state of California.



Early mathematics learning has been linked to later literacy and STEM achievement. To bring these findings to life in the Central Valley, we’ve been working with Fresno EOC Head Start since 2016 in support of playful and engaging early mathematics learning.


K-12 research-practice Partnerships

We are partnering with local school districts and elementary schools to support teachers in recognizing children’s mathematical understandings and making instructional decisions that build from what children know and can do.

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